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Learn. Practice. Win.

Let’s suppose that you’re new at Dota 2, or you’re feeling troubles with a particular character? Nothing to be ashamed off! Everyone makes mistakes, even pro players. By purchasing this service you will receive a experienced mentor who will analyse your game and let you know where you can make improvements. We could even coach a whole team (for captains mode). All trainings will be done individually.

How to order

● Contact us by using any way that you prefer
● Tell us your what you want to learn about
● Make a payment, give us your account info and wait untill your order will be finished

You will learn

● Description of the general and individual aspects of the game
● Tips and tactics for beginners or advanced players
● Picks/counterpicks for matchmaking or competitive mode
● Warding/counterwarding, how to make vision or block camps and when you need to do it
● Answer to any of your questions about Dota 2 gameplay
● Secrets of particular heroes and much much more


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